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CBS reporters don't seem to like each other

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Meet the CBS morning news reporters who REALLY don't seem to like each 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone other (VIDEO) Peppy feel good local newscasts not your cup of tea? Try sampling the nasty exchanges brewing between Philadelphia news anchor Nicole Brewer and Carol Erickson, the station's meteorologist and pet advocate. BY Nina Golgowski

CBS 3 Welp A shocking video compilation capturing biting exchanges between CBS news anchor Nicole Brewer, left, and meteorologist Carol Erickson, right, is said to be more than meets the eye according to Buy Cheap Jintropin Online the station.

The ladies of CBS Philly appear to be taking on camera feuds to a whole new level.

In a jaw dropping compilation of morning show clips a Philadelphia news anchor is seen appearing to viciously stab into her program's meteorologist while offering her reports dead pan applause and outright criticism.

Biting right back the meteorologist at one point suggests that the former beauty queen and morning news anchor had had too Deca Durabolin Cycle Chart much to drink.

The outrageous behavior seen between anchor Nicole Brewer and Carol Erickson, the station's meteorologist and pet advocate, first came to the attention of website 2BucksEntertainment who compiled the video after scouring for more clips.

"Well Carol I would say that forecast is bananas, but I know that's completely wasted on you, so, I won't," Brewer once tells Erickson delivering a joke after hearing a story on gorillas.

"Yes that was an interesting little exchange I'm sure she regrets, along "Anaboliset Aineet" with that last glass of whatever," Erickson responds stone faced to Brewer's jabs in another clip.

"How does that news anchor even keep her job?" one YouTube commenter writes on the video's page.

CBS 3 Welp Brewer, who is a former beauty queen and Emmy award winning reporter Anadrol 300 according to her staff page, is seen viciously teasing Erickson in clips that the station says are taking out of context.

"It's like the news anchor is Michael Scott. and the weather lady is Toby." another writes.

Others have suggested it's all an act to amp 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone viewer ratings.

That as well as their perceived rocky relationship are allegations that Joanne Calabria, vice president of public affairs for the station, strongly denies.

"This has obviously been edited out of context. Their relationship is actually the opposite of what is given in this video," Calabria told the Daily News.

Calabria says both women are very close and that what viewers see is "totally not their relationship."

CBS 3 Welp Erickson, who also serves as the station's pet advocate and received an Emmy away for her reporting on her battle with breast cancer according to her CBS page, is said to be very good friends with Brewer.

"Nicole is upset about it because she has the upmost respect for Carol and they want people to understand, people who don't know them to understand, what their relationship is like," Calabria said.

According to CBS' staff page both women are Emmy winning journalists.

Brewer is also listed as a 2005 Miss Pennsylvania pageant winner, a 2006 Miss America contestant and states that she serves on an online board for teen buy cheap jintropin online crisis counseling.

Among Erickson's accomplishments listed on her page, she boasts a 2004 Emmy win for her reports capturing her personal battle with breast cancer.

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